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What is the Wamo app?

Wamo not only lets you connect with brands you already love, but helps you discover exciting new brands to love.

Stay in touch with all the latest styles and trends by creating your own stream based on the people and brands you Want to follow.

On top of all that, you can enter unique daily #WamoChallenge to win prizes and discounts from established and emerging brands. There is just so much to do on Wamo:


My Wamo

You can quickly see posts from the People and Brands you’re following and the Communities you’ve joined



Follow People and Brands or join the Communities you’re interested in. Or do neither and just browse


Grab a picture

Grab a picture from your gallery, from the web or take one, before adding to your Wamo stream or List


Win a Challenge

With brand Challenge prizes everyday, this is your chance to win and be rewarded.


Create Lists

Create Lists that you can easily share with others, make public or just keep private for yourself.