How to Enter Challenges

Welcome to Wamo! The place to win prizes from your favourite brands, discover exclusive discounts and organise lists of the items you Love, Hate, Want and Need! Like with any new app, it can initially be a little mind boggling to follow, therefore, we thought we’d give you some help with how to win some of our great prizes!

The great thing about Wamo is, we give away great prizes every single day, and our winners are picked at random – giving everyone an equal opportunity to win. Also, don’t forget that even if you don’t win the main prize we often run challenges where you’ll get an exclusive discount just for taking part!

We often run our big branded prizes once a month, so if you didn’t win the River Island or Topman prize you really wanted…not to worry, there will be another challenge within the next month!

To be able to win on Wamo, you have to have the following; a profile picture, a valid email address (make sure it’s not a one or we can’t reach you) and fully complete the challenge. A great item grab will help as well.

Now all that’s left to do is play to win! Check out the gallery below to see our current Challenges.

If there are any further questions in regards to usage of the app do not hesitate to contact us.


Here’s our step-by-step guide

1. Once you have opened the app and entered the home stream, select the crown icon in the bottom right hand corner (as circled) to enter the challenge page

new ss home copy

2. Your in the challenge page! This is the place where you can have a browse of what challenges we have running – and the best part, there is no limit to how many you can enter! Simply tap the challenge you wish to enter

new ss 1

3. Once you have selected a challenge, you will find extra details such as how to enter and the ending date. Now all that’s left to do is enter! Simply tap on the ‘enter challenge icon

new ss 3

4. Once selected, this little notification should appear on your screen, simply letting you know the next steps of the challenge and confirming your entry. (Please note, if you fail to complete your challenge entry and exit the app, you can simply return to the challenge and resume)!

new ss 4

5. Once you have selected ‘OK’ on the notification from the previous step, it should take you straight to the brand website where you can browse at your own leisure before you make a selection for your challenge entry. The selection can be any item you Love, Hate, Want or Need and you can select more than one item if you wish!

new ss 5

6. Just like online shopping, select the item you wish to use as your challenge entry and select the plus icon on the bottom of the screen.

new ss 6

7. You will then be faced with multiple, pre-cut images directly from the site. You are free to select any of these for your challenge grab by tapping on the image you want.

new ss 7

8. You will then be presented with your selected image and an option to select a Love, Hate, Want or Need icon to share with other users and followers what you think of this product! Your are also free to enter a description, letting fellow users what you think of your grab, however, this is optional.

new ss 8

9. Once you have selected and entered your product successfully, this page will appear. This is simply letting you know your item has been added successfully to your challenge list and the app will automatically select the correct one. Simply select the save item icon at the bottom of the page.

new ss 9

Now you have successfully entered and completed a challenge!