How Wamo Works

Wamo is for people who are looking for something different when it comes to shopping, fashion and lifestyle.

Wamo lets you DISCOVER new trends and brands you will love. It lets you SHARE all your discoveries with friends, family and likeminded community. And it’s the app that lets you WIN prizes, discounts and vouchers by taking part in daily #WamoChallenges. It’s the social media app that lets you DISCOVER, SHARE and WIN from established and emerging brands.

Our app is for the more adventurous types who are always on the lookout for the latest brand that does something that little bit different (and better). We’re for people who love finding a new look, a new way of looking at things or the item that is just perfect for them.

We’re for people who are not only ahead of the curve on emerging brands, but are also always on the lookout for a great offer from favourite established brands. We give users exposure to must-have items or deals that are too good to ignore.

Wamo also lets you share with and view other users’ activity and brands on the app. It creates communities of like-minded individuals. It’s the chance to be inspired by others and keep on top of the latest trends.


Wamo puts you in control and helps you Discover more of the things you Love, Want and Need.

Your Wamo Feed


Your “My Wamo” stream is where you can see items posted by other people on Wamo you are following, the brands you are following and the communities you have joined.

Your “Be Inspired” stream is where you go for recommendations and to discover posts based on the people and brands you are following, and the communities you have joined.

You can unfollow people and brands or leave communities at any time, changing the content you see in your “My Wamo” stream, making sure you don’t miss out on the posts that could be important to you.

Like what you see in your “Be Inspired” stream? You can quickly add posts from another user, brand or community to your “My Wamo” stream.



Wamo runs daily unique Challenges and flash special ones too. These are Brand sponsored opportunities to win great prizes.

Established and emerging brands create fun and creative Challenges in the app giving users the chance to win.

Users also get rewarded just for entering a Challenge and even if they don’t win the main prize they receive discounts, vouchers and rewards in their “Rewards” wallet just for taking part.

Grab a picture


Why grab? Well as you add items to Wamo, you grab pictures from brand websites, your photo gallery or take one using your phones’ camera.

Grab a picture of the summer dress you absolutely love and share it on your Wamo feed. Create a list of your favourite shoes and grab pictures from your gallery, the web and in-store to show your friends your personal style.



Connect with others. Follow people or brands that you like or that look interesting to you. Join Communities that are local to you or have shared interests.

Wamo is a great way to curate lists of influencers and friend who share common interests whether it be in fashion, leisure, retail, homeware or lifestyle.

Share content from Wamo with your other social networks and grow your own sphere of influence.

Create lists


You can easily create lists on Wamo. Lists of the things you like. Your birthday lists, a list of party outfits or favourite shoes.

Lists can be kept private and just remain visible to you, or you can choose to make them public and share with everyone, or just a select list of users on Wamo.

View your friends birthday list and see what they’d really like to get and never get it wrong again.